Hypnotherapy FAQ

How does Hypnotherapy work in the mind?

Hypnosis is a tool that is used to access and work with the unconscious mind. ​When you’re in a state of hypnosis, you’ll be able to access memories that you have consciously forgotten or aren’t aware of. For instance, if you want to completely change a personal unwanted emotion, habit, behaviour, or belief, the hypnotherapist’s job is to guide you into a relaxed Theta state of mind.

​In this state, your brain waves naturally slow down, your conscious mind retracts, and your unconscious mind steps forward. This allows the positive suggestions to be transmitted to the unconscious mind, which allows you to be focused on your inner world, in order for the positive change to take place.

What happens when I’m under hypnosis?

​ When you are in this hypnosis state, you’ll be able to access more information or memories that are stored in your unconscious mind. You’ll be in a state of intense focus and attention, and when you are in this state you have allowed your body to fall asleep while your mind is still awake, and once your mind is in control, this is when amazing change can happen.

What if hypnotherapy doesn’t work?

The only prerequisite for hypnotherapy to work is the motivation for change. If you find that you aren’t able to relax or get into a deeper state of relaxation and you find yourself fidgeting or even falling asleep during the session then there is a part of you that is resisting, and that is the only reason why it won’t work for you.

If you really are unsure what that part of you is resisting then there is another alternative that we offer which is parts therapy. Parts therapy is an amazing tool to get to the root cause of a particular issue, it is still a form of hypnotherapy however you will be communicated with whilst you’re in hypnosis, and you may discover things about yourself that you weren’t consciously aware of.

Why use Hypnosis?

The use of hypnosis or any hypnotic technique is to enhance goal achievement, motivation/change, and professional or spiritual growth, the end goal is to release yourself from the issue and live a better life without unhelpful emotions, undesirable habits or limiting beliefs.

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