Mindset Mentoring

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Do you have a strong desire to shift your paradigm? 

Are you currently struggling with confidence, limiting beliefs, fear of failure, self-worth, anxiety, depression or finding your purpose? This intensive private coaching program is for you. In this program, you will have the opportunity to unlearn the belief systems and conditionings you have unconsciously learned from childhood.

An insight to topics covered…

Review current external world issues, practicing gratitude, self-love analysis, boundaries, effective goal setting, mindset reprogramming exercises and plenty more for the paradigm shift you seek.

An insight to mindfulness practices…

Review current internal world issues, breathing exercises, meditation, visualisation, stress reduction techniques, and rational emotive behaviour therapy techniques and plenty more for the paradigm shift you seek. This is an intensive course and will require a strong desire and commitment for a paradigm shift, (results may vary).


Online treatments are via Zoom (with End-to-end Encryption), online sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. You should have access to a reliable phone line or internet, in case we lose connection, we will have a plan b ready to go.

You are booking a 4 week Mindset Mentoring course.  Please select the date you would like to book your first session above.

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