It all begins with love…❤️

If I had to make just one single rule for the entire world that every human should do… it would be to love yourself first.

We make a habit of putting other people first, compromising our feelings and our worlds for others when the only person that will love us the most is ourselves. Without self-love, you aren’t able to be the best version of yourself for yourself and others.

Intro to Self-love

Self-love is important for you to have healthy relationships, when you take time for yourself and to assess what is and isn’t serving you in your life, you then have the awareness to identify what you choose to accept in your life.  Common examples could be how you feel about your body, feeling unhappy in your relationship or how you’re treated at work.

What I’ve learned from my ongoing self-love journey is that when you start to become a better version of yourself and start to change, some of your relationships will shift for the better and you almost move into a new frequency and you really won’t be able to accept anything less…and if nothing changes, it’s probably because you haven’t established the new version of yourself or implemented the necessary boundaries.


I believe that we choose what we accept in our lives; you choose to be financially free whether you are happy or not, and you choose to stay in your job whether you are happy or not. Everything comes down to a choice, and part of self-love is being able to hold yourself accountable in order to grow and expand into the person you want to become.

You can’t blame your boss for how unhappy you are, or your family for your current circumstances, or the government, or any of your external factors…these are just protective mechanisms that our minds and bodies have learned to influence us to believe in because of fear.

Fear stands for: False evidence appearing real! ….unconscious mind thank you so much for caring, but could you please care a little less?

Isn’t it unkind to expect others to make us happy? People aren’t guaranteed in our lives, so why place your happiness in the hands of another human? (Just some food for thought).

Change is hard, but nothing in life worthwhile is easy, I self-sabotage when I feel overwhelmed and sometimes I feel that I just need to allow my emotions run their course for a day or two. Because I then remember a good friend once told me:”You can have a bad day, but you try not to have a bad week.”

It’s unhealthy to ignore emotions, they need to be released and embraced in a way that allows you to accept them and be okay with them for that time being because just like seasons they too will pass.

I’m proud of you if you’ve made it this far! This is just some tough love for what you need to hear to understand how much I care 🙂 .

The lecture continues…

Change your reality by making a choice; you always have a choice, and there are always steps you can take to make healthy positive changes, everyones journey is unique, the bottom line is that you are the one who has to do the work.

Learn to put yourself first and don’t be afraid to say no to something that doesn’t serve you or align with your values.

P.S. You deserve the best! Cass.

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